d’Arta Belgium

Pittemsestraat 58 A
8850 Ardooie

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d'Arta is a young vegetable processing company that was founded in 1988 by Johan Talpe and Jean-Pierre De Backere. A few years ago they were joined by their sons, who entered the company as well.

Thanks to the unbridled dedication of all our employees and the trust put in us by our worldwide customers, d'Arta quickly turned into one of the most important European actors in the frozen vegetable sector.

Every year, tons of vegetables are delivered to satisfied customers. The own brand "Greens" has become an international symbol of quality.

The philosophy

D'Arta wants to fulfil the demands of every customer rapidly and smoothly. In order to make this happen, the stock management has to run perfectly and the less current goods need to beready for delivery quickly as well.
We have to anticipate possible harvesting problems and shortages by acting quick and efficiently. We have therefore invested in an automated machine park.

D'Arta insists that all the technical aspects are tested continuously and are fine-tuned to the product, nature and health.

The dimension

d'Arta wants to be near to its customers. That is why there are sales offices abroad as well. Both in England, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia and Canada you can speak directly to one of our local d'Arta representatives.

Moreover, with regards to the cultivation of the vegetables d'Arta has an international dimension as well: the Portuguese branch Dardico, founded in 1996, produces a number of typical Mediterranean products, such as broccoli, peppers and zucchini.

In 2005 we invested further in the extension of our selection by building a state-of-the-art production unit for IQF ready-to-eat meals.