Buhler RGB 100

Bühler Sortex Limited
20 Atlantis Avenue
London E16 2BF
Great Britain

Phone: +44 20 70 55 7777
Fax: +44 20 70 55 7700


We make only optical sorters. Nothing else!

In 1947 we developed our first optical sorters in the heart of London's East End. Since then Sortex has grown to become the leading global supplier in over 100 countries. As part of this growth, leading names including Perceptor, Icore, Scancore and Loctronic have been absorbed into the Sortex family.

We have won the prestigious Queen's Award for Industry and Export on several occasions, in 2004 we won the UK National Business Award and thus feel justified in claiming our position as the leading global supplier of optical sorting equipment through...

  • More than 20,000 installations around the world.
  • Covering the widest spectrum of food and agricultural products.
  • Offering expertise in all product feed and inspection technologies.


At Bühler Sortex we pride ourselves on the immense range of commodities for which we have supplied optical sorting solutions. No other supplier is able to offer this breadth of expertise. Besides core commodities such as rice, coffee, peanuts, tree-nuts, beans, pulses and seeds we also offer sorting solutions for grains, snack-foods, confectionery, breakfast cereals and even plastics.