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Cavendish Farms

Customer Service: +1 800 561 7945
Head Office: +1 506 858 7710
US Sales Office: +1 781 273 2777

At Cavendish Farms, we’re a family food company that puts pride, dedication, and a whole lot of know-how into everything we grow, and everything we make. Built by the expertise of growers over generations, we have a proud history with deep roots. Bringing the goodness of the farm to homes and restaurants is what we do best, with a strong commitment to the land, the community, and to the people around the world who love our food.

Committed to Great Tasting, Innovative Products

Cavendish Farms creates classic and innovative frozen and fresh potato and frozen appetizers for the retail and foodservice sectors throughout North America and around the globe. At our cutting-edge Cavendish Culinary Creation Centre – in partnership with the Culinary Institute of Canada and Canada’s Smartest Kitchen – we are continuously creating exciting new innovative menu solutions to suit every customer’s need: convenient, profitable and great tasting sides and main dishes. In fact, Cavendish Farms French fries were recently featured in a national series celebrating quality Canadian products. To view the segment visit:

Growing Our Best™: Our Growing Regions

We make it easy to share the story of our food so consumers can feel comfortable they’re eating quality French fries and appetizers grown sustainably from the best potatoes in the best potato farming regions throughout North America. When you combine the best growing regions Mother Nature has to offer with the most innovative and knowledgeable farmers, you can taste the difference. View our Where We Grow video series here.

foodCavendish Farms has two state-of-the-art potato processing plants in Prince Edward Island, one in Lethbridge, Alberta, and another in Jamestown, North Dakota. Headquartered in Dieppe, New Brunswick, the company also operates an appetizer facility in Wheatley, Ontario, a fresh potato processing plant in O’Leary, Prince Edward Island and has sales office locations in Toronto, Montreal and Boston.

Committed to Quality and Sustaining the Environment

sustainabilityCavendish Farms strives to exceed customer expectations by continuously improving products, providing high-quality and unbeatable taste, and committing to the highest standards of health and safety from farm to table. At Cavendish Farms, our attention to detail – along with our growers, sophisticated storage and high quality manufacturing facilities – ensures a year-round supply of quality frozen potato products, produced and handled in a safe and healthy manner. We’re proud to have the only potato processing facilities in North America to achieve Level 3 Safe Quality Food certification. Cavendish Farms is also committed to seeking new opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment by adopting high quality environmental standards. That’s why we’re the first potato producer to convert solid waste to bio-methane gas in a state-of-the-art bio-fuel facility. Our team of potato experts has also developed the Russet Prospect potato; a proprietary variety that offers a lower imprint on the environment by allowing growers to produce more potatoes on fewer acres with fewer inputs.

cavendish new website

Cavendish Farms Digital Solutions

As Cavendish Farms continues to grow, we’re committed to helping our customers win. That’s why we’re investing in the digital tools you need, such as making all our product information and selling solutions available on our new mobile-first website. The new site is built for customer needs, with enhanced visuals, an interactive growing regions section, innovative recipes, and providing operators with videos and digital media tools to help them prepare or promote Cavendish Farms products. We are also streamlining customer orders through our new Online Order Entry Portal.

Cavendish Farms University

At Cavendish Farms, we’re ready to work with our customers on an expert-to-expert level on your social, digital, and e-commerce channels. Our commitment to your success even extends to e-learning, with Cavendish Farms University – a digital platform for all our solution selling tools, available to all our Sales and Broker teams. At Cavendish Farms, your success is our priority and we’ll continue investing in our digital platforms to help you continue to grow with us.

Customer Focused in Everything We Do

Our team of dedicated employees is Customer Focused in Everything We Do – committed to providing the highest quality products and service.
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