Scelta Mushrooms

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Scelta Mushrooms

Heymansstraat 35
5927 NP Venlo, The Netherlands

Phone: +31 77 324 10 20
Fax: +31 77 324 10 29

Welcome to our mushroom world!
At Scelta Mushrooms everything revolves around mushrooms. We process these into a wide range of products, from freshly frozen and preserved mushrooms with extended shelf life to healthier vegetable snacks and natural taste enhancers. These find their way into pizzas, soups, sauces, ready meals and other products and are available in multiple international supermarkets. In over 50 countries worldwide, billions of our mushrooms are used for their exceptional quality whilst we are a supplier to all the leading brands in the food industry, food service and retail. In addition, we are constantly working on potential new developments with partners, on new taste sensations, sustainable solutions and healthy products, because “winnovation” is the foundation of our business.

Our newest winnovation is the Fingerfoodballs®: a range snacks made from the best quality, clearly identifiable, vegetables. 100% meat-free, with clearly identifiable ingredients and no added artificial colourings or flavourings. You see what you eat and you taste what you see! Furthermore, 1 portion (5 Fingerfoodballs, 100 grams) provides 25% of the recommended daily intake of vegetables. Available in 6 mouthwatering varieties: mushroom, mushroom with broccoli, mushroom and spinach, sauerkraut, ratatouille and red cabbage with apple.
Thé all-round vegetable snack: suitable for everyone (not excluding the vegetarian, kosher and halal consumer) and every occasion. For example as snack for a successful party, as special fingerfood to serve with drinks, as tasty and quick appetizer or surprising meal component.