BigFish Offers Sea Trout Fillets as Salmon Alternative

Grimsby, England-headquartered JCS Fish has launched BigFish Brand Sea Trout Fillets. An extension of its established BigFish range of frozen prepared salmon fillets, the latest offering features a variety of rainbow trout (Oxyrhynchus mykiss) which is farm-raised at sea.

Noting that the new product handles and eats much like salmon but offers an interesting point of difference for consumers, Andrew Coulbeck, founder and managing director of JCS, added: “Our tried and tested prepared and individually portioned frozen format has strong benefits in terms of consumer accessibility, and its long shelf life helps minimize wastage.”

JCS Fish BigFish Brand SEA TROUT Natural 265x300BigFish Brand Sea Trout is distributed in the familiar BigFish packaging format, with individually wrapped fillets that can be poached, microwaved or baked. From frozen to plate in four minutes, the 250-gram product is positioned as a highly convenient option for time-pressed consumers.

Addressing the issue of rising prices that buyers are paying for Atlantic salmon this year, Coulbeck commented: “Given that the ongoing supply problems with farmed salmon will inevitably feed through to higher in-store prices this autumn, there is a distinct benefit in stocking BigFish Sea Trout, which capitalizes on the growing consumer appetite for prepared salmon but is an accessible alternative with more stable pricing and availability.”