Young’s Introduces Fishwich to Foodservice Market in UK

Grimsby, England-based Young’s Foodservice continues to launch new value-added frozen products featuring Marine Stewardship Council-certified fish sourced from Alaska. The latest item on the menu is a Pollock Fishwich that is ready to serve as a burger, sandwich or even as a chunky alternative to fish and chips after eight minutes of frying or 25 minutes of oven baking.

Pollock Fishwich“Hot sandwiches are always particularly appealing as they are the perfect balance between a snack and a more substantial meal – and they can be easily adapted in terms of flavors and fillings,” said Adrian Greaves, foodservice director at Young’s. “Simply serve the battered Fishwich with the perfect accompaniments and condiments to make it even more tempting.”

The rollout follows the debut of kid-friendly Salmon Fingers in late December. The wild pink salmon harvested in Alaskan waters features a gluten, wheat and milk-free rice and potato coating.

Youngs Alaska Salmon for schoolsSalmon Fingers are a versatile addition to school menus and can be served in a grab-and-go wrap or sandwich or as a complete meal after just 15 minutes of oven cooking from frozen. The product is a good source of Omega 3 and counts as an oily fish offering, which is a school food standard requirement on menus at least once every three weeks

“We are regularly developing innovative products that are MSC-certified, easy to prepare and provide delicious meal solutions for children,” said Greaves. “Very often it's finding the balance between appealing products that they know and love, which will also provide the nutrition that their body needs. Our Salmon Fingers offer something slightly different for those children who enjoy trying new food, while also being reminiscent of the familiar favorite, fish finger. What's more, they provide caterers with an easy to prepare product that meet all of the school food standards guidelines in place for creating school meals."