Young’s Foodservice Adds Mini Fish Cakes to the Menu

Seeing vendors profit from “heavy traffic” on the British street food scene in recent years, Young’s Foodservice has launched two new mini fish cakes to help operators in the United Kingdom cater for this popular trend.

The offerings are spicy salmon and black bean, coated in a crispy cracked pepper crumb, and MSC-certified cod and parsley, wrapped in a sunflower seed coating. The tender flakes of salmon with black bean have a subtle spicy kick, while the cod, parsley and sunflower seed crumb provides a mild nutty taste.

youngs fish cakesStreet food is renowned for being innovative, and operators must ensure they are keeping up with the ever-changing flavors and concepts on the market. Many different foodservice outlets are finding inspiration and looking at ways they can add street food-inspired flair to their menus in the form of starters, sharing board options, and grab-and-go fare.

The 30-gram mini fish cakes are prepared straight from the freezer, either by oven baking for 15 minutes or deep-frying for six minutes. They can be served with a variety of complementary accompaniments, such as a minty yoghurt dip or lemon and herb aioli or simply served with a fresh wedge of lemon or lime.

“We’re excited to really push the culinary boundaries with our new mini fish cakes. They are completely unique to the Young’s Foodservice range and are perfect for tapping into the innovative street food trend that shows no sign of slowing down,” said Adrian Greaves, foodservice director of the Grimsby, England-headquartered division of Young’s Seafood. “Providing the perfect balance between a timeless favorite that resonates with a wide customer base, and modern, contemporary flavors that will excite the more adventurous diner, they are a guaranteed hit, either as a special or standard menu item. Not only are the flavors extremely on trend, but the small bite-sized form is also great for integrating into popular formats, like grab and go or bar snack menus.”