Rader Farms Introduces Organic Fresh Start Smoothie Blend

Rader Farms has expanded its line of ready-to-blend smoothie starter kits with the addition of a USDA-certified organic Fresh Start Smoothie Blend variety now available at Costco Wholesale stores across the Western United States. Featuring a combination of blueberry, strawberry, red raspberry, kale and spinach, the product contains no sweeteners, preservatives or other added ingredients. It is dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free and a solid source of vitamins A and C.

Rader-Farms-Smoothie-KitThis organic variety has joined Rader Farms’ Fresh Start line of fruit and vegetable smoothie starter kits. Six individual eight-ounce pouches of mixed fruits and vegetables come per 48-ounce (1,361 gram) package. Consumers can mix the ingredients with juice, milk or coconut water, or add protein powder or yogurt, and so on.

"Health conscious people are looking for fresh, real food ingredients, but they also value convenience," said Dan Hammer, senior vice president and general manager of the frozen division at Phoenix, Arizona-headquartered Inventure Foods, Rader Farms’ parent company. "Fresh Start Smoothie Blends are the very definition of convenience, yet there are no shortcuts in terms of the quality and purity of the ingredients. We believe the addition of an organic variety will appeal to an even wider audience of healthy eaters, and we are optimistic that it'll pave the way for additional organic varieties in the future."

Linden, Washington-based Rader Farms first introduced Fresh Start Smoothie Blends to grocery stores in March with a line-up that consists of Sunrise Refresh (blueberry, strawberry, red raspberry, kale and spinach), Morning Vitality (mango, nectarine, sweet potato and carrot) and Daily Power (green apples, pineapples, kale and broccoli).

The range has been welcomed by clean food purists seeking a convenient alternative to pitting, peeling and slicing multiple ingredients when making smoothies at home. Fresh Start Smoothie Blends solve that problem with components that have been fully prepped, washed and mixed together in one package. As such, making a nutritious homemade smoothie is possible in less than a minute.

Since the line’s rollout six months ago, more than 1,500 grocery, club and mass merchandise retailers have stocked Rader Farms’ smoothie starter kits in their frozen food sections.

About Inventure Foods
With manufacturing facilities in Arizona, Indiana, Washington, Oregon and Georgia, Inventure Foods is a producer and marketer of specialty foods in better-for-you and indulgent categories under a variety of company-owned and licensed brand names. In addition to Rader Farms, it distributes Boulder Canyon Foods, Jamba, TGI Fridays, Nathan's Famous, Vidalia Brands, Poore Brothers, Tato Skins, Willamette Valley Fruit Company, Fresh Frozen and Bob's Texas Style products.