Ardo Showcases Plenty of New Products at SIAL in Paris

Ardo NV, Europe’s largest producer and supplier of sustainable frozen vegetables, fruit and herbs, was in high profile during the October 16-20 SIAL food innovation exhibition in Paris, France. Innovative chefs from the Ardooie, Belgium-headquartered company were on the premises each day preparing creative dishes featuring Ardo’s wide range of ingredients – which run the gamut from purees, pasta and mushrooms to hundreds of mono and mixed vegetable and fruit offerings.

An appetizing array of new launches were showcased at the fair, a brief review of which are highlighted below:

Sweet Potato Fries

Ardo Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potatoes are a strong trend in culinary circles worldwide. Following up on precooked sweet potato cubes and puree, Ardo is now rolling out sweet potato fries. They not only have a full, sweet flavor, but also are gluten-free. (Available in 4 x 2kg – Art. code: AZ1210; 12 x 450g – Art. Code: AZ2510)

Ardo Product Launches


Smoothie Mixes

ardo smoothie mixes

Ardo offers three refreshing smoothie mixes featuring vegetables, fruits and herbs, with each serving up a distinctive taste experience. They are easy to prepare using the individual portions in 125g packets. Just add 150-200ml of fruit juice or yoghurt and then blend the combination. The nutritious, flavorful result is ideal for breakfast or for enjoying as a refreshing snack.

Ardo’s Smoothie Mixes earned the “Pioneer Award” from the Belgian professional trade fair organization Horeca Expo for being the most innovative product within the highly competitive food category.

ardo green smoothie mix   ardo red smoothie mix   ardo yellow smoothie mix
Green Smoothie Mix ingredients are pineapple, mango, spinach, curly kale and mint.   Red Smoothie Mix ingredients are mango, strawberry, blueberries, beetroot, ginger and coriander.   Yellow Smoothie Mix ingredients are pineapple, mango, avocado, banana, pumpkin and basil.
(Available in 10 x 750g – Art. code: GSM75B)   (Available in 10 x 750g – Art. code: RSM75B)   (Available in 10 x 750g – Art. code: YSM75B)


ardo Herbs mix tartare

Herbs Mix Tartare

This combination of herbs and the typical tartare sauce ingredients is ready in a flash. The mix is ideal for making a tasty tartare sauce – just add mayonnaise and stir. It is also very convenient when preparing classic steak tartare or a fish dish. Ingredients are shallot, cucumber, capers, parsley, chives, oven-dried tomato, spice mix for tartare and sunflower oil.
(Available in 8 x 250g – Art. code: UTK010)

ardo pak choi mixPak Choi Mix

This is an Asian-style vegetable mix, but with European-grown vegetables. The slightly sweet blend can be given extra flavor by adding a bit of soy sauce and garlic or ginger in stir-fry dishes.
Ingredients: pak choi, sugar snaps, spinach and bean sprouts.
(Available in 4 x 2.5kg – Art. code: MPC610)

ardo wellness mixWellness Mix

This product fits right in with today’s trendy healthy food scene, thanks to the presence of protein-rich pulses. The color combination looks very appetizing on the plate, and sunflower seeds complete the mix. It’s ideal for stir-frying. Ingredients are peas, sweet corn, red kidney beans, soybeans, Romano beans, onions and sunflower seeds. (Available in 4 x 2.5kg – Art. code: MWN610)

Quinoa Vegetable Stir-Fry

ardo vegetable stir fryThis is a super food vegetable mix of Peruvian inspiration. The refined sauce contains touches of ginger, curry and leek. The quinoa, curly kale and soybeans give the product a modern look. Warm it up in a frying pan or microwave oven. Serve as a side dish with fish or meat, or as a vegetarian meal. Ingredients: tomatoes, quinoa, curly kale, brown rice, soybeans, onion, leek, curry powder, garlic and ginger. (Available in 10 x 1kg – Art. code: UQG310)

Salad Greek Style

ardo greek style saladArdo has expanded its range of prepared cold vegetable salads by adding a Greek Salad, but with a modern touch. Ready to serve after defrosting, the classic salad with an olive oil dressing and a twist of lemon and basil is given a contemporary touch with the pearl couscous. In addition to pearl couscous, ingredients are candied tomatoes, black and green olives, zucchini, red onion, feta and dressing with basil, lemon juice and olive oil. (Available in 10 x 1kg – Art. code: USG310)