Ardo Powers Up with Veggie Power Mix Launch at Anuga

Inspired by the “rice vegetable” trend, Ardo launched three new power mixes at the Anuga exhibition in Köln, Germany, which ran from October 7-11. The finely chopped vegetables are increasingly popular as replacements for rice and other carbohydrates in stir-fry dishes, ready-made salads, steamed vegetable menu items and other culinary applications.

The Ardooie, Belgium-headquartered company, which ranks as Europe’s largest supplier of sustainable frozen vegetables, fruits and herbs, was in high profile showing much of its extensive range at Stand E 011 in Hall 4.2. Visitors were invited to stop by to enjoy samples made by innovative chefs on the scene.

In addition to plenty of flavor to savor, the distinctive colors and texture of each nutritious veggie power mix is unique. Distributed in 10 x 1kg units, here is a brief description of the offerings:

MS7 SweetLifeBlend   MGW GreenWaveBlend    MC9 CauliPowerBlend

Sweet Life Mix

A classy mix full of Mediterranean colors, full of broccoli, sweet potato, cauliflower and dried tomatoes. This slightly sweet mix is delicious in a salad or as a topping on any number of dishes.


Green Wave Mix

An intense green mix of small and finely chopped broccoli, curly kale, spinach, courgette and wakamé seaweed. This is the original superfood, and with an intense flavor.


Cauli Power Mix

This low-carb veggie mix is a blend of 4 x 4 mm cauliflower pieces (sometimes called “cauliflower rice”), red quinoa and green lentils, giving it an original color palette.

Edamame Soy Beans (Mukimame)

Most Edamame soy beans, also known as Mukimame beans, come from Asia. However, Ardo has now developed farming technology to grow the beans in Europe too. These young green pods of soy beans are crunchy and nutritious. Edamame soy beans are traditionally served as part of Asian dishes, but can also be added to salads for a protein boost.

BOS EdamameSoyBeans 300

Whole Wheat Penne

By introducing whole-wheat penne, Ardo is meeting growing demand for fiber-rich pasta while also further expanding its already wide range of precooked, ready-to-serve pasta dishes. Simply heat it up and serve with a sauce, or leave it to defrost before making a cold salad.

PEV WholeWheatPenne 300

Thai Herb Mix

An Eastern mix of ginger, coriander, shallots, chopped lemongrass, crushed lime leaf, garlic and red chili makes a tasty seasoning for Thai dishes, soups, sauces and marinades.

MT2 Thai herb mix


A hugely popular tropical fruit from Peru, increasingly used in kitchens over the world. Delicious in an exotic fruit salad, with a scoop of ice cream or a dollop of yoghurt. So refreshing!

XMP Mango chunks


Extra-sweet chunks of pineapple, harvested and frozen in Costa Rica, are of excellent quality and very convenient in the kitchen, since they are already pre-chopped. This tasty fruit makes for a refreshing dessert topping, or a unique addition to a dessert buffet.

XAC Pineapple chunks 300

Quinoa Kale Burger

These vegetarian burgers may be served as starters, side dishes or a vegan burger meal. The quinoa crust makes the burgers especially crunchy.

UQB Quinoa kale burger

Sweet Potato Wedges

Ardo is now introducing trendy sweet potato wedges alongside its purée, fries and sweet potato chunks. The wedges have a gluten-free coating, making them extra crispy. They make a great snack served with a spicy dip, and go well with roast meats and BBQ dishes.

SPW sweet potato wedges

Roasted Corn Mexicana

This stir-fry mix of roast corn, red kidney beans and grilled red pepper, seasoned with olive oil and smoked spicy Mexican seasonings, serves up as a tasty vegetarian side dish or a main dish for a trendy Mexican meal.

URC roasted corn mexicana atmosphere