Frozen Avocados Ripe for Market Under Welch’s Banner

Newly launched Welch’s Avocados should appeal to convenience-minded consumers in North America who not especially keen on paying $2 or more for a short shelf life avocado and then going to the trouble of peeling the bumpy skin “alligator pear” prior to slicing, dicing or mashing the pulp into guacamole. Packed in 10 oz. and 32-oz polybags, the IQF product is now available in the freezer aisles of retail stores across the USA and Canada.

welchs avocadosThe frozen avocado offering is promoted as “always ready right when you need them. So convenient – not sliced, not diced, just perfect hand-chunks – and so versatile they can be used in a variety of recipes like poke bowls, dressings, sandwiches and even desserts.”

Avocados, popularized around the world in the last decade or two thanks to its versatile use as an ingredient in Mexican cuisine and as a dip, coupled with a reputation as a nutritious “super-food,” are loaded with 20 different vitamins and minerals. Among them are Vitamins K, C, B5, B6 and E, folate and potassium. Heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and high fiber content are characteristic of the sodium- and cholesterol-free product that yields only 50 calories per serving.

natures touchWelch’s is a National Grape Cooperative Association brand known best for fruit juices, jams, jellies and spreads. Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada-headquartered Nature’s Touch Frozen Foods has licensed its banner for distribution of frozen avocados, berry mixes, and fruit and vegetable blends. The company packs a wide range of products including smoothie kits at three facilities in North America. Most output goes to private label customers in the retail sector.