No Need to Ask, Projuice is a Smoothie Operator

The Projuice unit of Zurich, Switzerland-headquartered Aryzta AG, one of the world’s largest frozen baked goods companies, has launched a new range of smoothies and other beverages aimed at the growing juice bar market in the United Kingdom. Prepared with 100% Grade A frozen fruit, each Projuice Smoothie serving is precisely proportioned so all operators have to do is add juice or milk.


By using frozen fruit instead of ice, the beverage naturally becomes more packed with fruit, offering consumers a healthy treat that provides them with one of the recommended five-a-day servings of fruits and vegetables.

Mintel, the London-based market research firm, reports that 76% of customers think fruit juice or smoothies can be part of a healthy diet, and two of the main reasons for drinking them are the contribution to the five-a-day regimen (29%) and their associated health benefits (32%).

ProJ-productsIn addition to juice and smoothies, Projuice’s line includes shakes, frozen yogurt, hot chocolate, soups and Belgian waffles. Its creamy Cheeky Moo shakes and frappes are prepared with fat-free frozen yoghurt.

Another innovative product on offer is the Choc-o-Lait, billed as “the original hot chocolate on a stick.” It is made with authentic Belgian chocolate ganache from Barry Callebaut, the world’s largest chocolate manufacturer.

AryztaLogoAryzta’s wide range of products and capabilities includes artisan breads, sweet baked goods and morning consumption goods, as well as an array of other savory items such as pizza, tarts and pies. The company operates 53 bakeries and kitchens across Europe, North and South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The trading background of Projuice, established in 2004, was founded upon the then relatively new concepts of freshly prepared juice and smoothies, hence the origin of the company’s name. It provides juice bars and other retail businesses with training, advice and equipment, in addition to food and drink products.