Bambino’s Debuts Star Shaped Meals for Teething Babies

A new food product for teething infants has been launched by Bambino’s Frozen Baby Food. Zoi Maroudas, founder and chief executive officer of the Anchorage, Alaska, USA-based company, described the patent-pending, star-shaped innovation as “a game changer” that conveniently serves up nutrient-rich, gum-soothing, popsicle-like meals.

“Babies instinctively put objects in their mouths to soothe aching gums. I created a perfect shape for their little hands, making Bambino’s a natural teething solution that also provides nourishment,” said Maroudas.

bambino starsMeals come in stand-up, resealable pouches with 15 frozen stars to be eaten either straight out of the freezer or after warmed into a smooth puree. The portions are designed to help parents and caregivers customize servings to meet individual needs and reduce food waste. Each pack contains five meals, with the average price per serving amounting to $2.25.

Featured products are:

  • Hearty Stew – organic filet mignon, carrots, celery, onion, cold pressed olive oil and barley
  • Veggies with Chicken – chicken, carrots, celery, organic barley
  • Sockeye Salmon Bisque – Alaskan wild sustainable salmon, carrots, onion, extra virgin olive oil, sweet potato, brown rice
  • Sweet Spring Veggies – chicken, sweet potato, carrots, rice
  • Googly Carrots – carrots, onions, extra virgin olive oil, brown rice
  • Happy Peas – sweet peas, onion, extra virgin olive oil, brown rice
  • Yummy Yams – yams, extra virgin olive oil, brown rice

bambino stars 2“Our products address nutrition and development, with flavors guiding healthy eating habits for a lifetime,” said Maroudas, a Mediterranean diet expert and former medical researcher. “It was during my medical rotations, that I saw a need for a new perspective. This led me to create Bambino’s, a healthy conscience brand that parents, allergists and pediatricians could all stand beside.”

Organic vegetables used in recipes are farmed exclusively in pesticide-free, nutrient rich soils. No additives, fillers or preservatives are part of any formulation.

All Bambino’s Baby Food products are available for purchase online at