Central Foods Distributes Ajinomoto Gyoza in UK Market

Northamptonshire, England-based Central Foods has introduced three Japanese frozen dumpling products to the foodservice sector. The new gyoza offerings feature duck and chicken fillings, as well as an all-vegetable recipe to suit the growing demand for vegetarian and vegan options.

Produced by Ajinomoto, the gyoza should appeal especially to operators of Asian food outlets and tapas restaurants in addition to street food specialists and other venues wishing to capitalize on the trend.

Duck Gyoza available from Central Foods“Street food, Asian food and sharing platters are all popular trends in the United Kingdom, and we are delighted to be bringing these gyoza products to the UK foodservice market,” said Central Foods Managing Director Gordon Lauder. “Ajinomoto is the biggest brand in Japan for gyoza, and we are very pleased to be offering such a great product, which is truly authentic in terms of how it looks and tastes.”

The gyoza are half-moon shaped dumplings, approximately 20 grams each in size. The duck variety boasts a duck, vegetable and hoisin sauce filling, while the chicken version features a chicken, vegetable and soy sauce filling. The five-vegetable green gyoza contains cabbage, peas, edamame beans, carrots, white radishes and soy sauce in a spinach dumpling pastry.

The dumplings are supplied pre-steamed, rather than pre-fried (as is the case with most like products on the market in Britain), and therefore can be reheated by deep frying or further steaming, for a healthier option. They are available in packs of 30.

central foods logoCentral Foods has been supplying frozen products to the UK foodservice sector for over21 years. More than 400 items are listed in its portfolio, ranging from vegetarian and free-from fare to baked goods, canapés, buffet selections, desserts and puddings.