Kitchfix Debuts Grain-Free, Paleo Frozen Waffles in USA

Kitchfix, the Chicago, Illinois-based healthy meal delivery service that creates chef-crafted, ready-to-eat food products, announced on March 21 that it is the first company to bring grain-free, Paleo frozen waffles to grocery stores. It will soon launch three varieties at more than 30 Whole Foods outlets in the Midwestern United States.

Kitchfix 1Kitchfix’s grain-free waffles are made entirely with natural ingredients. The offerings come in three flavors: Blueberry Vanilla, Lemon Poppy Seed, and Banana Almond. Each is free of gluten, dairy, soy and corn as well as grain, which according to the producer make them “a great choice” for those who embrace the Paleo or primal lifestyle. That is to say, they should especially appeal to consumers whose diets are akin to their ancient hunter-gatherer ancestors who lived during the Old Stone Age period, which ranged from the beginning of human existence until approximately 12,000 years ago, prior to the advent of organized agriculture and the introduction of grain as a dietary staple.

“Our fresh Paleo waffles have always been one of our best-sellers when featured in our online weekly meal options and at our retail store,” said Josh Katt, founder and chief executive officer of Kitchfix. “Many of our regular customers asked if we could provide bulk orders so they could freeze and eat the waffles when and where they wanted. That’s what spurred the idea to start developing the product line for grocery stores.”

Expanding on its existing variety of offerings, the grain-free waffles will become the company's second product group to be featured at the retail level. Last year three flavors of its Kitchfix Paleo Granola range, namely Paleo Granola Original, Paleo Granola Berries and Cherries, and Paleo Granola Peaches and Pistachios, were introduced to supermarkets in the Midwest.

“When we walked the aisles of the frozen section, we discovered there were only a few brands offering waffles, and more importantly, they were made with fillers and all had the same flavor profiles. We wanted to create something entirely new and give customers options that are innovative, delicious and nutrient-dense,” said Katt. “We’ve brought a healthy and convenient breakfast option to the frozen food aisle, while maintaining the same Kitchfix quality that goes into our fresh and ready-to-eat meals.”

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