How ‘Swede’ they are: Erlenbacher’s New Gluten-free Tarts

Gross-Gereau, Germany-based Erlenbacher Backwaren has expanded its range of tarts with two trendy Swedish-style products that are gluten free: Peanut-Caramel Mandeltårta and Classic Mandeltårta with white chocolate. Distributed frozen to foodservice operators, the pre-cut slices may be quickly thawed and served to customers.

mandel tartesPeanut-Caramel Mandeltårta’s base features two crumbly almond muffin layers. Light and delicate cream lies between the layers. This is topped with by crunchy peanuts nestled in a velvety smooth stratum of caramel. Further topping it off is a nougat cream glaze. The sweet treat thaws in about an hour at room temperature.

Classic Mandeltårta boasts two fluffy almond muffin bases, filled and topped with two layers of cream with white chocolate and garnished with a delicate glaze and roasted flaked almonds. It thaws in around two hours at room temperature.

Twelve portions come per cake, which measures 28 centimeters in circumference and weighs between 900 (Classic) and 950 grams (Peanut-Caramel).

“They are easy to handle, can be calculated exactly and remain firm for a long time – and the cake selection can be flexibly replenished as needed,” said Babette Schmidt, head of communications of the Nestlé company. “Because they retain their consistency for 48 hours, the tarts will be ready into bite into for a long time.”

If refrigerated after thawing, shelf life of seven days can be expected. And like all cakes in Erlenbacher’s portfolio, the two Mandeltårtas are free of declarable additives as well as artificial flavors, colors, hydrogenated fats and oils.