Pouches from KM Packaging Offer Flexible Advantages

Peterborough, UK-based KM Packaging Services Ltd. has extended its range of pre-made pouches in response to the growing demand within both food and non-food production sectors.

Stand-up pouches and three-sided sealed flat bags are suitable for a wide range of hot and cold fill food applications, processed for the frozen, chilled or ambient supply chain. Pouches offer an opportunity to reduce packaging weight and product-to-packaging weight ratio, while differentiating from traditional rigid alternatives in terms of on-the-shelf appearance and consumer convenience.

KM’s flexible pouches offer solutions in varying functional material specifications, shapes and sizes, incorporating numerous features such as transparency, high barriers, easy-pour spouts, carry handles, easy opening and re-closable zippers. The wide range offered is suitable for solid and other products distributed retail, foodservice and wholesale markets. These formats can be easily adapted to fill wide-ranging product volumes, typically from 5ml to 5 liters.

“The popularity of the stand-up pouch increases across the marketplace year-on-year, because of its versatility,” said John Shipley, KM business development manager. “They offer flexibility, both as a marketing tool and convenience to the consumer. They can also be designed as a convenient ‘cook-in-pack’ in both microwave and conventional ovens, withstanding pasteurization and retort processes thus enabling extended ambient shelf life, as well as being suitable for frozen and chilled products.”