JBT Rolls Out Cost-efficient Two-Zone Cooking System

JBT, a global food processing equipment manufacturer of brand names including Frigoscandia, Stein and Formcook, has launched the Double D Revodrum 600 Twin Drum Oven. It can be seen in action and tested with various food products at the company's Food Technology Center in Helsingborg, Sweden.

The equipment was introduced to address the need for a machine that can cook, roast and steam-cook a wide variety of items in various applications, while maintaining low running and maintenance costs. It also fills a gap in JBT's portfolio for a two-zone oven which can process higher volumes of up to four tons per hour.

"This combines all of JBT's expertise and experience in cooking technology," said Torbjörn Persson, the company's portfolio and applications director. "It features Double D's unique airflow technology, Frigoscandia's spiral engineering, and thermal fluid technology from Stein, all in a compact footprint of only 9.4 by 2.9 meters high. This is the lowest roof height of any twin drum on the market.

"The oven's airflow and superior heat transfer guarantee a uniform temperature and color on every product right across the belt on all forms of poultry and breaded products. It's also versatile enough to cook burgers and patties, pork products, croquettes, seafood and ready meals."

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Available with eight up to 14 tiers, the Double D Revodrum 600 Twin Drum Oven can cook 85-gram chicken breast fillets or bone-in, breaded chicken at rates of over 2,100 kilograms per hour.

With a temperature capability of up to 240 degrees Centigrade, the twin drum oven also delivers excellent results when roasting or steam-cooking chicken and poultry. A hot belt return through the cooker keeps the belt warm before it is washed and reloaded with product, which also improves the roasting effect.

"This oven is unlike any other similar twin drum oven as the air circulation fans are at floor level, making it much easier to clean," said Persson. "And it's safer, as you don't have to reach overhead fans. The oven also features a split-level hood, so there is full access to internal heat exchangers and drum belt supports."

JBT offers a wide range of steam, convection, impingement and contact cooking technologies. These include the Stein range of jet stream and spiral ovens, the Double D rack and high impingement linear ovens and the Formcook range of contact and combi cookers.

The Revodrum 600 Twin Drum Oven can be integrated with other JBT products to suit specific applications and form complete in-line processing solutions. Other JBT brands include Frigoscandia proofing, chilling and freezing systems; Stein ovens, fryers and coating equipment; DSI slicing and portioning systems; and Formcook contact and combi cookers.