Blizzard Forecast for California Food Processing Expo

TOMRA Sorting Food will showcase the Blizzard, its newest optical food sorting machine for the frozen vegetable and fruit processing industry, at Booth 624 during the Food Processing Expo in Sacramento, California, February 17-18.

Blizzard has a small footprint to facilitate installation in limited-space processing line configurations, and is specifically designed to optimally fit the output of IQF tunnels and packaging lines. The system’s pulsed LEDs, with different wavelengths and specially designed sensors, ensure reliable detection of color, shape and structural differences as well as dark objects in difficult product mixes. The technology’s continuous inspection removes foreign material, unwanted discoloration and misshapen produce, resulting in enhanced food safety and greater customer satisfaction.

TOMRA Sorting Food Blizzard free fall sorter

An added advantage of the system’s LED lighting is its stability and repeatability, as well as a bulb offering a lifetime of over 50,000 hours. 

Karel Strubbe, TOMRA Sorting Food’s sales director for the Americas and Oceania, commented: “Attending this year’s Food Processing Expo allows us to show Blizzard’s technology to potential customers from across America and throughout the world. It also enables us to explain its many applications, benefits and, importantly, how it can quickly provide return on investment.

“Accurately sorting good crops from bad is often heavily scrutinized, which reinforces its importance. By employing the Blizzard sorting machine, processors will quickly realize the benefits as it thoroughly sorts produce according to the individual criteria set by its owner.”

TOMRA Sorting Food, part of Asker, Norway-headquartered TOMRA Sorting Solutions, has installed over 5,000 systems at the premises of food growers, packers and processers worldwide. The systems ensure an optimal quality and yield, resulting in increased productivity, throughput and an effective use of resources.