Multi-Fill Makes Light Work of Hard-to-Fill Products

Flexibility, ease of installation and use, and a small footprint are among the advantages of volumetric pocket fillers, which dispense foodstuffs by volume instead of by weight or by count, from West Jordan, Utah, USA-headquartered Multi-Fill.

Easy to integrate over food production lines with continuous or intermittent motion, including vertical or horizontal bagging machines, the fillers are available as right- or left-hand units. They are compatible with a wide variety of containers including trays, plates, cartons, cups, boxes and pouches.

MPFMP 060 rearAs stand-alone machines, they can be installed over existing or new conveying lines to fill particulate products such as rice, pasta, salad, or cut vegetables and fruit.

Multi-Fill equipment has been a fixture in the ready meal production plants of most major players in the prepared foods industry for decades. The fillers are especially designed to dispense a wide variety of traditionally difficult-to-handle products, including long pasta and gelatin cubes, as well as IQF blanched fruits and vegetables.

The machines are easy to operate and clean. Most parts remain on the fillers, and removable components feature quick release mechanisms, with no tools required for disassembly or reassembly.

Multi-Fill prides itself on service, quality, value, safety, and sanitation expertise. Its experienced technicians are trained to diagnose most problems over the phone.