Multi-Fill has Liquid Pump Option for Volumetric Fillers

A liquid pump option to expand the range of products that can be handled by multi-purpose volumetric fillers is available from West Jordan, Utah, USA-based Multi-Fill Inc. By employing such a pump, food processors can retain liquids normally lost in the process of filling items like Mexican-style pico de gallo condiments, prepared salads and fermented vegetables.

liquidpumpWhen product is loaded into a hopper, excess liquid drains off and is collected in a reservoir prior to being reintroduced during the dosing stage. If a drier product is desired, the liquid can be retained in the reservoir and discarded later during cleaning.

The pump is made of stainless steel and can be completely dismantled without tools for thorough cleaning and sanitation. The option may be added to existing Multi-Fill volumetric fillers.