Tsung Hsing Continuous Oil Fryer Does More with Less

Kaohsiung, Taiwan-based Tsung Hsing Food Machinery Co. has developed a high efficiency continuous oil fryer for the industrial food processing industry. The stainless steel equipment is designed to reduce oil usage by 20%-50%, cut energy input by 20%, and reduce space requirements by 20%-40%, while significantly enhancing heat recovery and exchange rates.

high efficiency continuous fryerOther features of the CE-certified fryer include: a CIP self-cleaning system; auto-lifting hood; foolproof startup sequence; automatic temperature control; thermal protected combustion chamber; alarm log; and panic stop button.

Two models are available. The three-horsepower WSF 302-E has cooking oil capacity of 280 LT, while the WSF 502-E’s cooking oil capacity is 400 LT.

Tsung Hsing, which has been in business for 51 years and exports to more than 60 countries, also supplies peripheral kit including centrifugal de-oiling machines, continuous fine filters and a seasoning system.

For more information, visit www.tsunghsing.com.tw.