Performance 5.0 from tna Doubles Packaging Speed

Sydney, Australia-headquartered tna launched Performance 5.0, a new approach to high-speed production line performance, ahead of this year’s Interpack in Düsseldorf, Germany, which will take place May 4-10.

Comprising a new high performance vertical packaging system, high-speed multi-head scale and what is promoted as the world’s fastest case packer for flexible bags, tna Performance 5.0 enables food manufacturers to double output thanks to a combination of high speed equipment, advanced equipment integration and intuitively designed, self-learning technology.

As a result, users can maximize production flexibility with faster changeovers and more product capabilities in a single system.

“This system is about a lot more than just individual product innovation,” said Alf Taylor, the company’s ceo and co-founder. “It’s our vision for the future of food manufacturing. For us, the key to long-term commercial success is to rethink the conventional and invest in technology that sets new benchmarks and doesn’t just meet current industry expectations.”

tna ropac5Tna’s Ropac 5 will part of the Performance 5.0 system on display during the InterPack show in Germany. He continued: “Our ultimate goal is therefore to equip today’s food manufacturers with technology that is capable of the highest speeds as well as continuous improvement, so they’re ready for the next stage of food production. That way, their equipment won’t just meet the requirements of today, but will also easily adapt to their future needs.”

Central to tna performance 5.0 will is the Ropac 5 case packer for flexible bags that is capable of speeds of up to 300 bags per minute (BPM). Its introduction at Interpack will be followed by the launch of the tna Robag 5, the latest generation of the company’s flagship vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) packaging system, at Pack Expo later that year.

Ropac 5’s patented semi-rotary bag stacking technology is designed to quickly and efficiently pack small to medium, pillow-style bags into secondary containers. Unlike the majority of case packers that employ vacuum pick and drop technology, the Ropac is based on semi-rotary bag stacking motion. Using continuously revolving horizontal platforms that can accommodate multiple rows of bags, tna’s proprietary system is able to quickly and efficiently form, lower and side-load vertical stacks of bags into a secondary container such as a box. The system also avoids bags being gripped and dropped by vacuum heads, thus minimize the risk of product breakage and missed bags.