GEA Showcases VFFS SmartPackers at Interpack Exhibition

GEA presented its latest continuous motion vertical form-fill-and seal (VFFS) machines at the Interpack exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany, which concluded on May 10. In the spotlight were the SmartPacker CX250 and the upgraded SmartPacker CX400. The latter was developed to meet increasing demand of customers in the protein industry, where hygiene standards are extremely high.

CX 400 hygienic PR InterpackGEA’s upgraded SmartPacker CX400.The main differences compared to the standard GEA SmartPacker execution are the full stainless film feed with sealed bearing rollers and sloping horizontal surfaces that allow water to run off quickly. Designed to further prevent contamination and attachment of dirt, the stainless steel 316 frame and film feed also feature special surface treatment that results in a smooth surface.

Hygiene is also enhanced with GEA’s maintenance-free closing mechanism enclosed in the boxed frame. The vacuum table is replaced by a closed clamping table, which prevents dirt entering the vacuum system. The machine can also be ordered with an electrical cabinet specified in accordance with IP67.

Features found on all GEA SmartPackers include the extremely sensitive ‘product in seal’ detection system, which automatically opens the jaws as soon as an object or product particle is detected. In effect, a double-length bag is created, and production is not disrupted. Furthermore, contamination or damage of the cross seal jaws and knife is avoided, leading to less downtime and waste.

Smooth Film Transport

High-speed, smooth film transport is another feature of these reliable VFFS machines. The continuous system ensures optimal tracking for high-speed operation, and delicate film materials are transported with ease. The control system is synchronized with multihead weighers, one of which was displayed with the GEA SmartPacker CX250 on the Interpack stand.