Affinity Integra Dicer Boosts Yields of Hard-to-Cut Foods

Urschel Laboratories has introduced the Affinity Integra Dicer, a smaller version of its Affinity Dicer. Like the original model, the Integra excels at processing challenging, difficult-to-cut foodstuffs such as cold temperature products, cheese, soft meats and meats with high-fat content, sticky bakery ingredients, and even brined pickles. The machine’s clean-cutting action achieves high yields of precise, targeted cut sizes well within customer parameters.

AffinityIntegraExteriorXJ8A4440 300The new dicer incorporates design elements from the longstanding Model RA series, the Affinity and the Sprint. Compared to Urschel’s standard in-line Models RA-HD, the Integra Dicer accepts a larger infeed product size combined with a larger impeller case that potentially equates to 20% more. The potential yield is 50% greater when compared to the RA-A unit.

Increases vary per product, and clients are invited to avail themselves to free-of-charge test cutting sessions to measure results for themselves.

Founded in 1910, Chesterton, Indiana, USA-headquartered Urschel offers a wide range of food cutting technology that includes an array of high-speed vegetable, french fry and fruit cutters, meat dicers, fish processing equipment, poultry dicers, precision lettuce shredders, crumblers for bakery rework, bulk bread cubers and cheese shredders. More information is available by contacting the company’s direct sales offices in the United States, Europe, Asia and South America, as well as by visiting