Urschel Cutting Technology at Fruit Innovation Fair in Italy

Urschel will showcase its capabilities during the Fruit Innovation trade event at Fiera Milano in Italy, May 20-22. The exhibition is held in conjunction with IPACK-IMA, Meat-Tech, DairyTech, Intralogistica Italia and Converflex. Projected attendance is expected at approximately 100,000 visitors.

Chesterton, Indiana, USA-headquartered Urschel will present the latest in its food cutting machinery range, including the new DiversaCut 2110A Dicer. Other equipment on display will include E TranSlicer Cutter and the Comitrol Model 1700.

Urschel-DC2110A FrontOpen3UR021214 005The largest machine in the DiversaCut line, the DiversaCut 2110A Dicer produces dices, strips, slices, granulations and shreds of fruits, vegetables, meats, and baked goods. With a maximum infeed of 10" (254mm) in any dimension, it offers cost-savings by eliminating the need to pre-cut product. The new dicer promotes more precise cut tolerances with slice adjustment and lockdown features. It also features fine-tuning through adjustable collars on both cutting spindles for ultimate precision.

The efficient E TranSlicer Cutter specializes in the cutting of different types of elongated products such as peppers, plantains, leek, and pickles. The machine yields a wide range of crinkle slices, flat slices, or julienne strips through use of interchangeable slicing wheels.

urschel-logo-for-linked-storyThe company’s Comitrol Processor versatility excels at milling, granulating, and pureeing. Applications include reductions of meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, fruits, nuts, candies, and soybeans for ingredient uses, beverages, pastes, soups, sauces and baby food.