Fingerfoodballs Vegetable Snack Scores Award

Fingerfoodballs, a frozen vegetable snack developed and produced by Venlo, Holland-headquartered Scelta Mushrooms BV, was an incentive award winner in the Jaarprijs Goede Voeding 2013 competition among companies that strive to make food products healthier to eat. Previously known as Jaarprijs Voedingscentrum, awards were bestowed upon Scelta and other innovators during the “Naar een Gezonde Voeding” Symposium at the Corpus museum in Oegstgeest.

Established 16 years ago by the Dutch Nutrition Centre, the competition is now organized by MYbusinessmedia and three food magazines (Voeding Nu, VMT and Food Hospitality). Prizes are awarded to applaud products formulated to improve food consumption habits of the Dutch population, with the goal to make healthy choices easy choices for consumers on a daily basis.

Besides the Jaarprijs Goede Voeding 2013, which went to “We Love Nature” of Vivera, the jury of food and communications experts selected three innovative products for incentive award recognition. Fingerfoodballs was especially praised for being a healthier, meat-free snack with exceptionally fine flavor and texture. The product line scored big by showing that vegetables could be thoroughly enjoyed as snacks.

131211 scelta FingerFoodBallsThe idea for Fingerfoodballs came to Scelta Mushrooms via VVV-Venlo, the local football club in Venlo. After matches, players would regularly be served ‘bitterballen’ (traditional miniature meat croquettes) and other fatty snacks. They thought there had to be a healthier and tastier alternative for sportsmen and their fans. And so did the recipe development team at Scelta.

The result was Fingerfoodballs, a range of snacks made from top quality, entirely identifiable vegetables. One serving portion of four provides 25% of the recommended daily intake of vegetables at a calorie count of only 150. And the Fingerfoodballs contain no added artificial colors or flavors.

The round vegetable treats are suitable for everybody – including vegetarian, halal- and kosher-compliant consumers. They may be served as party snacks or special finger foods to accompany drinks, as appetizers or as meal components. Six varieties are currently available: plain mushroom, mushroom with broccoli, mushroom and spinach, sauerkraut, ratatouille and red cabbage with apple.