Barfresh Makes Smoo Deal with Major Sizzler Franchise

Barfresh Food Group, Inc., a Denver, Colorado-based developer and manufacturer of frozen, ready-to-blend fruit-based beverages for quick service and casual dining restaurants, has signed an exclusive agreement with BMW Management, the largest Sizzler franchisee in the United States, to offer Barfresh's complete line of Smoo ready-to-blend smoothies, shakes and frappes.

Sizzler-logoThe rollout to all 23 of the franchisee's Sizzler restaurants throughout California follows a successful six-month pilot program at two locations. Flavors range from mango and strawberry-banana to dairy-free acai pomegranate and a Caribbean tropical fruit blend.

"Our new, exclusive partnership with this highly successful Sizzler franchisee demonstrates the tremendous value proposition our Smoo product line offers," said Riccardo Delle Coste, president and ceo of Barfresh.

barfresh-babeThe proprietary Smoo system uses controlled, pre-packaged portions to deliver freshly made frozen beverages that are quick, cost efficient and generate no waste. Unlike traditional methods, the all-in-one Smoo packs include everything needed to produce a flavorful smoothie, shake or frappe – even the ice. This results in a consistent customer experience, and allows for simple, low-cost inventory management.

"In a fiercely competitive market, being able to offer an all-natural product like Smoo to our increasingly health-conscious patrons provides a great value-add," said Gary Myers, president and ceo of BMW Management. "The minimal capital and counter space requirements, along with very attractive price points, separates Smoo from other frozen beverage alternatives."

As Barfresh works to execute and deliver on business it has been developing with quick service restaurants and additional distribution partners in the US and abroad, the company has doubled annual production capacity to 14 million units. It has also retained additional sales personnel, specifically in California, to support the company's growth in the frozen beverage marketplace.

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