Greenyard Foods Board Co-Opts Hilde Laga as Director

The board of directors of Ghent, Belgium-headquartered Greenyard Foods NV announced on December 11 that it is bringing Hilde Laga on board as a fellow director. Her appointment will be submitted for confirmation during the company’s next general meeting.

Laga, age 58, holds a Ph.D. in Law and is a corporate law lecturer at the University of Leuven. As one of the founding partners of the Laga law firm, she led as managing partner and head of its corporate merger and acquisitions practice until 2013.

Laga joined the board of directors of NV Barco and NV Aedifica in 2014, and serves as a member of the Belgian Corporate Governance Committee. Furthermore, she served as a member of the supervisory board of the FSMA (formerly known as CBFA).

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Hein Deprez, chairman of the board and majority stock holder of the vegetable and fruit processing company which includes Pinguin and Noliko, commented: “We are delighted that Hilde Laga becomes a member of the board of directors of Greenyard Foods. We are confident that her extensive experience is an enrichment.”

The Greenyard Foods Group operates14 production sites in Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Poland and Hungary. It maintains sales offices across Europe, Asia the Americas and elsewhere.