Dannon YoCream Expands with Two New Gelato Products

Gelato is now the second-most-popular frozen dessert in the USA, according to a nationwide consumer preference survey conducted recently. So it comes as no surprise that Dannon YoCream is adding two new flavors, Banana Flambé and Creamy Limoncello, to expand its line of Italian-style soft-serve gelato frozen dairy desserts to five offerings.

GelatoGroup DannonYoCreamThe initial three gelato flavors launched in August of 2015 – hazelnut, pistachio and chocolate – have already become top sellers in the Dannon YoCream portfolio, which includes more than 75 products. Positive feedback about taste and quality from foodservice operators, as well as creatively impactful marketing materials support Dannon’s decision to further invest in more gelato options.

Featuring rich taste and dense texture, Dannon YoCream’s gelato contains seven percent butterfat, making it three times as creamy as low-fat frozen yogurt options. Foodservice professionals are encouraged to serve the product through standard frozen yogurt equipment or to mix and match flavor placements, making flavorful pairings and combinations for patrons.

BananaFlambe DannonYoCream“The initial gelato line was a highly successful product launch. We received a great deal of positive feedback, so it was important for us to continue to support our customers with innovative products and impactful tools to help them grow their business,” said Andy Bantz, national director of Dannon Foodservice’s frozen division.

Headquartered in White Plains, New York, the company makes a variety of yogurt products in Minster, Ohio, Fort Worth, Texas, West Jordan, Utah, and Portland, Oregon, to serve the diverse needs of its retail and foodservice customers. Dannon, the top-selling brand of yogurt worldwide, is a subsidiary of Danone, which has four business lines including Fresh Dairy (Dannon, Activia, Light & Fit, Oikos, Danimals, YoCrunch, etc.), Waters (évian, Badoit, Volvic, Aqua and more) Early Life Nutrition (Karicare, Cow&Gate, etc.) and Medical Nutrition (Fortisip, Nutrison).