Interpack Set to Meet and Greet Food Packaging Leaders

Interpack 2017 will be packed with more exhibitors than ever in its 55-year history, as the week-long international packaging and processing show is set to kick off on May 4 at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre in Germany. Some 2,700 companies from 60 countries have booked 262,400 square meters of space in 19 halls, which amounts to 20% more display area than during the show’s last running in 2014.

As before, another trade fair will be running in parallel, entitled Components, Special Trade Fair by Interpack. It will feature products from suppliers to the packaging sector. This event, too, is fully booked and will occupy more than twice as much space as was the case during its première three years ago.

interpack 01Packaging products and technology for the food and beverage industry will be in high profile, with spotlights shining brightly on the baked goods and confectionery segments. Also at center stage will be packaging solutions for producers of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other non-food consumer goods and industrial products.

  • Among exhibitors well known to the frozen food industry at the show will be:
  • Ashworth Belts BV, Hall 11, Stand C03
  • Bilwinco A/S, Hall 15, Stand C18
  • Buhler AG, Hall 3, Stands D24 and D26
  • Cabinplant A/S, Hall 5, Stand G19
  • CPS Case Packing Systems BV, Hall 13, Stand B41
  • GEA Group, Hall 7a, Strands B09 and B31
  • Heat & Control, Hall 3, Stand E08
  • Heinen Freezing GmbH & Co. KG, Hall 16, Stand D23
  • Ishida Europe Limited, Hall 15, Stands A25 and A26
  • Intralox LLC Europe, all 13, Stand D02
  • Key Technology NV, Hall 2, Stand A08
  • Kiremko BV Food Processing Equipment, Hall 3, Stand D04
  • Linde AG, Hall 5, Stand G03
  • Loma Systems, Hall 17, Stand B46
  • Metler-Toledo Product Inspections, Hall 11, Stand B55
  • Multipond Wagetchnik GmbH, Hall 15, Stand A03
  • Pattyn Packing Lines NV, Hall 61, Stand E61
  • Qimarox BV, Hall 13, Stand A43
  • Rheon Automatic Machinery GmbH, Hall 3, Stand F08
  • Robt. Bosch GmbH Packaging Technology Division, Hall 6, Stands A30 and C58
  • Rockwell Automation GmbH, Hall 6, Stand A61
  • Rovema GmbH, Hall 15, Stand B25
  • SAIREM SAS, Hall 15, Stand B25
  • tna Europe Ltd., Hall 15, Stand B22 and Hall 3, Stand D29
  • TOMRA Sorting NV, Hall 5, Stand F01
  • Urschel Deutschland GmbH, Hall 1, Stand C20
  • Wire Belt Co. Ltd., Hall 1, Stand E13
  • Yamato Scale GmbH, Stall 15, Stand B21

interpack 02Working together with the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), Interpack 2017 will sharpen its focus on Industry 4.0, in particular. The special show will take the form of a Technology Lounge at the VDMA stand, featuring examples of state-of-the-art packaging machinery and process engineering and zeroing in on new opportunities for applications in security, traceability, copying and counterfeit protection as well as in customized packaging.

Save Food Initiative

The first day of the trade fair will feature the third international Save Food convention, held in partnership with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

According to the FAO, up to 1.3 billion tons of food are lost each year  worldwide. In some cases, fresh goods spoil during transport, are not consumed in time or are deemed unsalable because they fall short the given standards. And often enough, still edible food is discarded by consumers because the sell-by date has expired.

For over six years now, the Save Food initiative, in cooperation with globally leading companies, organizations and research institutes, has endeavored to devise solutions to prevent food loss and wastage along the value chain. This involves making suitable infrastructure available, re-examining and modifying standards for packaging, raising awareness and, last but not least, working on the package itself.

Meanwhile, the innovative powers of the packaging industry are remarkable. Anyone investigating the very latest packaging trends cannot fail to encounter nanotechnology, and printed and organic electronics. Intelligent and smart wrappers that are capable of identifying and affecting the degree of food quality in a controlled fashion are now anything but utopian.

Show Hours

Interpack will be open for business daily, May 4-10, from 10 AM to 6 PM. For pre-show ticket information, visit