BurgerFi Ranks First in USA Fast-Casual Restaurants ‘Top 10’

The fast-casual segment continues to lead growth within the restaurant industry in the United States. With an 11 percent increase in sales during 2013 and a nearly 8 percent increase in units, fast-casual concepts among the 2014 Technomic Top 500 Chain Restaurants report comprise many of the fastest-growing operations. At the same time, leaders Panera Bread, Chipotle Mexican Grill and Panda Express posted healthy sales gains (of 12, 17 and 11 percent, respectively).

technomictaglinecFast-casual restaurants, with their “better-than-quick-service food,” ambiance and "made for you" appeal, continue to align with the needs of today's consumers, according to Chicago-based Technomic, Inc., a market research and consultancy specializing in the North American foodservice sector.

The “Top 10” Fast-Casual Growth Chains are ranked as follows by Technomic:

  1. BurgerFi
    Headquartered in North Palm Beach, Florida, the gourmet burger specialist generated sales of US $44.5 million 178%) at 33 units in 2013.

  2. Hot Head Burritos
    The Mexican chain rang up sales of $50.4 million (+48%) at 53 restaurants.

  3. Lime Fresh Mexican Grill
    The Ruby Tuesday offspring took in $42.5 million (+47%) at 27 outlets during 2013.

  4. Mooyah
    The burger, fries and shakes eatery rang up $53.5 million (+43% in sales) at 56 units last year.

  5. Shake Shack
    Described as a “modern-day roadside burger stand,” the chain’s 21 outlets generated $62.3 million in sales during 2013.

  6. Zoës Kitchen
    Specializing in sandwiches, its 105 units took in receipts of $88.7 million last year.

  7. Kneaders Bakery & Café
    Modeled after European bakeries, the chain’s 27 shops saw turnover of $50.4 million (+36%) in 2013.

  8. The Habit Burger Grill
    Described as a high-quality burger joint that also features salads and sundaes, its 85 restaurants (some equipped with drive-through windows) grossed $113.2 million (+35%) last year.

  9. Chop’t Creative Salad Company
    Specializing in made-to-order salads, it rang up $44 million in sales (+33%) at 24 stores during 2013.

  10. Smashburger
    The biggest among the “Top 10” fastest-growing fast-casual restaurant operations with 240 units, the company’s sales were just under $215 million (+32%) last year

While bakery cafés are still doing well overall, unit expansion is now more likely to happen in burger, Mexican, and other sandwich and specialty concepts, diversifying the fast-casual landscape.

"Watch for even more menu and concept diversity in this sector," said Darren Tristano, executive vice president of Technomic. "Also look for more quick-service restaurants and full-service restaurants to realign their formats and develop new fast casual concepts to compete more aggressively."

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