Sensatronics Ever Alert to Remote Temperature Monitoring

Austin, Texas-based Sensatronics, Inc. has announced major systems and process improvements for remote, continuous monitoring of frozen foods and other temperature-sensitive inventories. The company’s systems are deployed in food processing and freezing plants, cold storage warehouses, restaurants and other segments of the foodservice industry.

sensa-remote“Our temperature monitoring and alerting systems are accurate, constant, easy-to-use and affordable solutions for managing and reporting the status of temperature-sensitive inventories,” said CEO Keith Wright. “End-to-end solution platforms deliver mobile text and e-mail messages to designated techs whenever the system records a deviation from limits, so that they can take quick action to prevent a costly product loss.”

He continued: “With almost 90% of all mobile text messages opened within 90 seconds, Sensatronics is the fastest, most reliable system to avoid safety infractions, costly inventory losses, damage to valuable products and higher risk assessments. And the bonus is that users are instantly in compliance reporting mode with automated tracking. Our software is installed in the cloud or on the premises.”

Sensatronics end-to-end systems are designed and built upon the user’s operational parameters, utilizing Temperature Alert Response Protocol (TARP) as the systematic process for handling alerts. A similar process and protocol is used for data reporting up and out of the organization.