JBT’s New Frigoscandia Spiral Freezer to Debut at IFFA

JBT FoodTech will launch its latest spiral freezer during the International Trade Fair for Meat Industry (IFFA) May 7-12 in Frankfurt, Germany. Presenting the equipment as “the most compact and hygienic freezer in the world, with the highest capacity of any comparable spiral freezer,” show-goers can check it out at Stand A20 in Hall 9.1.

The new Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT 40 Spiral Freezer has evolved from one of JBT's best selling products, the GYRoCOMPACT Classic 400 Spiral Freezer, which has sold over 1,100 units throughout the world.

This latest technology replaces the outdated wagon drive with the company's patented FRIGoDRIVE system. It offers a number of benefits, including 30% faster belt speeds, more advanced hygiene features, lower running and maintenance costs, and improved serviceability. The freezer also boasts an increase in capacity of between 15% and 20% on its predecessor.

Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT Spiral Freezer from JBTA key feature of the Frigoscandia spiral freezing technology is the patented self-stacking FRIGoBELT NOVA conveyor, which forms a self-contained product freezing zone.

"With this new spiral freezer, the conveyor simply rests on the flat surface of the chain and the belt stack turns as a single unit, so there's no need for supporting uprights or rails, either inside or outside. This means there are no stationary parts to cause jamming, or dirt-trapping structures to complicate cleaning. And the self-stacking FRIGoDRIVE system removes the need for a drum to wrap the belt around, so there's no risk of overstretching the belt," explained Torbjörn Persson, JBT’s portfolio and applications director.

He added: "With the new GYRoCOMPACT 40 Spiral Freezer we've retained all the best technological features that we've developed over many years, and upgraded a best-selling design to meet this demand. This latest model is the most cleanable and cost-efficient freezer in the world, with around 35% to 40% higher capacity than any comparable freezer of the same size."

DSI Dual-Blade D250

Making its European debut at JBT’s stand during IFFA will be the DSI Dual-Blade DB20 portioning system. The low maintenance blade portioner complements the company's existing range of DSI 800 series waterjet portioning systems and the DSI Adaptive 3D portioning system.

Suitable for a wide range of linear portioning applications, including poultry tenders, breast and leg meat into strips, nuggets, steaks and chops, the new system is consistently accurate and easy to clean and operate.

“It delivers high capacity linear portioning combined with low maintenance effort,” said Persson. "New DSI BladeSense software continuously monitors blade motor feedback and identifies opportunities to improve cutting performance.”

DSI DB20 mainThe DSI DB20 system scans with a single, high-performance sensor that continuously self-calibrates, while detecting product shape as well as fat vs. lean. The dual-lane system can run a separate application on each lane, and weight-controlled or dimensionally controlled portions, strips or nuggets can be combined with angled cuts.

“The system is built on 30 years of DSI portioning, software, motion control, service and applications experience. It means food processing companies have yet another way to improve profitability and achieve the lowest cost per kilo of portioned meat product," said Persson.

Other products to be exhibited from JBT's portfolio include the Stein M-Fryer, with its efficient oil management system, small footprint and THERMoFIN heat exchanger, and a Formcook 409 Contact Cooker for efficient sealing and searing of products.

All JBT products can operate as stand-alone units or be integrated to form complete in-line food processing operations. There are fully-equipped Food Technology Centers in Helsingborg, Sweden, and near Edinburgh, Scotland, where customers may come to test their own products and recipes under the supervision of a trained technical team.