Greenyard Bean Counter Strikes Gold for Charity Challenge

Greenyard Frozen, producer of the Pinguin brand of frozen vegetable and fruit products, received a charity voucher worth €3,500 after winning a contest organized by TOMRA Sorting Food, a supplier of sensor-based food sorting machines. The event was held to mark the launch of the new TOMRA 5B, a state-of-the-art sorter designed for the vegetable, fresh cut and potato processing industries.

The competition centered around the processing of 20 kilograms of green beans, one of which was made of gold. The person who came closest to correctly guessing the moment when the golden bean would be ejected by the TOMRA 5B machine from the production line was declared the winner.

Koen Crabbe, who entered the contest on behalf of Greenyard Frozen, chose Ruben Donné’s epic charity mission to sail from Belgium to Cape Town, South Africa, via Brazil, as the recipient of the charity voucher.

Jan Ingelbeen, general manager at Greenyard Frozen, commented: “We value corporate social responsibility. That is why we regularly sponsor charities, especially ones where our employees are committed themselves.”

Greenyard Tomra charity 515Taking part in the charity voucher presentation are (left to right): Steve Raskin, TOMRA Sorting Food’s EMEA sales director; Jan Ingelbeen, general manager at Greenyard Frozen; Sigrid Vanneste, marketing manager at Greenyard Frozen; and Björn Weyts, TOMRA Sorting Food’s marketing manager.

The voucher was presented to Sigrid Vanneste, marketing manager, and Jan Ingelbeen, general manager, of Greenyard Frozen Belgium NV, in a special ceremony held during the SIAL international food exhibition in Paris.

Steve Raskin, TOMRA Sorting Food’s sales director for Europe, the Middle East and Asia, said: “We’re delighted that the voucher is going to support Ruben’s journey across the Atlantic, and we thank everyone who took part in the competition. It was very well received and demonstrated just how effective the TOMRA 5B is in identifying and extracting foreign material from production runs, while also showcasing our commitment to supporting clients and worthy causes around the world.”

Ruben Donné set sail on October 2 to raise funds for research and to promote awareness of people living with Multiple Sclerosis, a malady that has stricken his father. To this day, there is no cure for the disease.

Donné hopes to arrive in Cape Town 60 days after having shoved off from the Belgian coast on a solo voyage in a 6.5-meter yacht that will have traversed 14,852 kilometers of the Atlantic Ocean.