Urschel Food Cutting Machines on Display at Shows in Asia

Urschel Laboratories, Inc., the Valparaiso, Indiana, USA-headquartered food cutting technology specialist, will spotlight a number of its products at two major shows in East Asia next month – the June 11-14 Propak Asia event in Bangkok, and the June 17-18 China International Meat Industry Exhibition in Beijing.

Showcased in Thailand’s capital, which anticipates welcoming 39,000 food industry visitors from 65 countries, will be the company’s DiversaCut Sprint® Dicer, the E TranSlicer® Cutter, and the Comitrol® Processor Model 1700.

UrschelAsiaPropak-1Designed especially for small- to mid-size processors, the DiversaCut Sprint delivers flat or crinkle slices, strips and dices. Popular applications include the dicing of potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, cooked meats, strawberries and pineapples.

The belt-fed E TranSlicer Cutter specializes in the cutting of different types of elongated products. The machine yields a wide range of crinkle slices, flat slices, and julienne strips through use of interchangeable slicing wheels. Hinged and sliding machine panels offer full access to all key areas of the machine for maintenance and wash-down procedures.

The Comitrol Processor’s versatility excels at milling, granulating, and pureeing. Applications include size reduction of meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, fruits and numerous other products.

In Beijing the focus will be on the DiversaCut 2110® Dicer as well as the Comitrol Model 1700. The 2110 series DiversaCut unit is built to dice and strip cuts of tempered raw and cooked meat, as well as produce dices, strips and shred cuts of cooked meats including ham, pepperoni and poultry.

More information is available by visiting the company’s website at www.Urschel.com.