Key to the Global Sorter Highway with Optyx and More

Having recently appeared at the sprawling Interpack in Germany May 8-14, the Key Technology road show rolls on to Brazil (the June 3-6 FISPAL in Sao Paulo), Japan (June 10-13 FOOMA Tokyo), Mexico (June 17-20 Expo Pack in Mexico City) and Australia (June 22-25 FoodPro in Melbourne).

While the company’s Python laser sorter and Impulse® electromagnetic conveyor starred at Interpack, it will spotlight the Optyx® sorter at FoodPro and showcase its complete line of digital sorters. The range features lasers, cameras, and field-proven BioPrint™ hyperspectral imaging combined with intelligent software and algorithms to satisfy many applications on a variety of belt- and chute-fed sorting platforms. These sorters complement Key’s specialized conveying and processing systems, integration services and global customer support.

KeyTechoptyx-3000-optical-sorterj2f2e4The Optyx digital sorter that will be on exhibit at FoodPro detects and ejects defects and foreign material from food processing streams to improve product quality and safety while maximizing yield.

Optyx is a versatile belt-fed sorter that can be equipped with color cameras or cameras and lasers to recognize each object’s size, shape, color and structural properties. Key can also equip Optyx with a fluorescence-sensing laser to detect chlorophyll levels. Furthermore, it can be configured for traditional two-way sorting or optional three-way sorting.

The Optyx 3000 system can sort up to five metric tons of product an hour, and Optyx 6000 can sort up to 10 metric tons during the same time period. It is positioned as ideal for a wide range of frozen fruits, vegetables, berries, whole potatoes, potato strips, potato chips and other snack foods, nuts as well as confectionery, seafood and more.

With worldwide sales representation, the company maintains demonstration and testing facilities at its headquarters and manufacturing divisions in Walla Walla, Washington, USA, and at Key Technology centers in Beusichem, Holland, and Hasselt, Belgium.