Bemis Packaging for Frozen Sandwiches Wins DuPont Award

Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA-headquartered Bemis Company, Inc. was recently presented with two DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation at a ceremony held in Wilmington, Delaware. Silver awards were received the Hillshire Brands Heat Fresh™ package from Curwood (now Bemis North America); and a standup foodservice pouch for Fujini brand vegetables from Bemis Latin America.

The Hillshire Brands Heat Fresh™ package significantly improves convenience and the consumer experience for microwavable sandwiches. The proprietary flexible structure solves the biggest challenge in frozen sandwich preparation: keeping the bread soft and appealing while evenly heating the rest of the products. Until now, heat-and-eat sandwiches required the consumer to remove the sandwich from the package, wrap it in a paper towel, lower the power setting, heat it, turn it and heat it again. Heat Fresh™ packaging allows even heating in one easy step. The package combines proprietary films and unique features to control moisture, heat and pressure during microwaving. The packaging innovation can be integrated into a wide range of heat-and-eat products.

hillshire-heat-fresh-highr content

The Fugini retort standup pouch for vegetables uses Bemis’ unique barrier films in South America to provide a light, strong, and flexible replacement for the former metal can packaging format. The light, strong pouch weighs 70% less than bulkier metal cans, costs 50% less and achieves high line speeds to reduce production costs. The pouches are also easier to store, open and handle for foodservice staff; and are easily recycled. The sustainable format reduces logistics costs up to 98% over cans, a significant factor given Brazil’s size, geography and limited infrastructure.

Now in its 26th year, the DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation is an international, independently judged competition that honors innovations in packaging design, materials, technology, processes and service across the entire packaging value chain.