Agrarfrost Potato Innovations in High Profile at SIAL

Aldrup, Germany-headquartered Agrarfrost presented a broad range of frozen potato products in Paris during the October 16-20 SIAL, which is billed as the “world’s largest trade exhibition for innovative food products.” Among novelties spotlighted were crinkle-cut wedges and thick-cut, skin-on french fries.

Today’s food trends – among them “vegetarian, authentic, entirely natural, and without additives” – have inspired the company’s R&D department to create the latest additions in the expanding novelties portfolio. Promoted as “natural enjoyment at the highest level,” the ribbed surface of the crinkle-cut wedges guarantees the crunch and hearty taste experience that consumers expect.

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For nearly 50 years, the Lower Saxonian family-owned company has been supplying high-quality frozen potato products to national and international clients. Specially tailored to meet the individual needs of customers at home and abroad, Agrarfrost’s range is distributed to retail stores as well as to restaurants and diners, hotel kitchens and other outlets that demand high quality as well as the advantages of time-saving preparation, flexible portioning and easy storage.

In addition to fries and wedges offered in numerous sizes, shapes and cuts, the company’s extensive range includes specialties such as potato pancakes, cone croquettes, hash browns, sauté potatoes, patatas bravas, pommes duchesses.

Agrarfrost products are made with sustainably-sourced potatoes grown by farmers in the midst of Germany’s most fertile cultivation regions that span the map from Magdeburger Boerde, Schellerten, Benningsen and Wildeshauser Geest to Niederhein, Pfalz and Breisgau. Seed breeding takes place in the north of the country, and the company’s state-of-the-art processing plants in Aldrup (near Bremen) and Oschersleben (near Magdeburg) utilize only 100% natural inputs to add value. As such, no artificial aromas, colors and flavors are on the ingredients list.

Agrarfrost company logoRanked as Germany’s largest supplier of sustainably produced frozen potato products, Agrarfrost employs some 650 people at two factories that process approximately 500,000 tons each year. Roughly 200 contract farmers cultivate 7,000 hectares of potato fields to ensure the best possible quality of their produce. From the breeding of seed potatoes, propagation, planting, growth, harvesting and storage to the manufacture of finished products, the company controls each aspect of the inter-linked production chain.

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