Farm Frites Introduces Ultimate Chip in United Kingdom

Farm Frites has announced the arrival of the Ultimate Chip, launched as the Oudenhoorn, Holland-headquartered producer of value-added frozen and chilled potato products celebrates 25 years of operating in the United Kingdom.

“Its development has been years in the making, and we are proud of the flavorful result. The UK gets the first taste of this product, which serves up crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, because it has been developed for us.,” said Nic Townsend, marketing manager for Farm Frites in the United Kingdom and Ireland. “We had valuable input from a team of chefs who work in the premium burger and casual dining sectors, and know that we have taken our time to get this right.”

Farm Frites Ultimate ChipThe chip’s imperfect lengths provide what is described as “a rustic look by being ‘perfectly imperfect’ in design,” and thus should be popular among foodservice operators and publicans who offer premium “gastro” menus.

“The Ultimate Chip goes beyond triple cooked and is based on a ten-step process – just like the professionals would like to do in their own kitchens,” said Townsend. “Using professionally-prepared frozen chips has many benefits over cooking from scratch. Among them are waste reduction, less mess for easier cleaning, and reduced health and safety concerns that are sometimes associated with farmed vegetables.”

The marketing manager went on to point out that menuing the Ultimate Chip helps reduce strain on time-pressed chefs, as the convenient-to-use product can be deep-fried in small quantities in just four to five minutes. What’s more, it is fully allergen-free and reaches the UK Government’s Salt Pledge target.