US Potato Exports Still Rising, though Market Share Slips

Approximately 20% of potatoes grown in the United States find their way to foreign markets in one form or another, with consumption of value-added products being driven by the increased popularity of french fries around the world. However, the overseas market share of US spuds has slipped over the past few decades.

“We had about 50% of the global market in frozen potato products 15 to 20 years ago, but today we’re at 24%,” while Europe has gone from 15-20% to a 44% market share,” according to Blair Richardson, chief executive officer of Denver, Colorado-headquartered Potatoes USA.

In a recent news report published by Wisconsin State Farmer, Richardson said that producers in Europe and Turkey have boosted output significantly. Belgium has shown a 1,000% growth rate over the last 10 years, almost all of which is attributed to frozen potato products.

Potatoes USA logo 02Potatoes USA is a marketing organization that represents approximately 2,500 commercial potato growers in the United States. In addition to promoting frozen products, it advocates on behalf of the fresh table-stock, fresh chipping, dehydrated and seed potato sectors.

In coordinating programs to develop and improve export sales in East Asia, Central America and other regions, Potatoes USA works with private voluntary organizations, USDA and USAID to incorporate potato products into international food assistance and development programs.