Muscat Municipality Refutes Frozen Cat Meat Fake News

Muscat Municipality officials have moved quickly to quash rumors that frozen cat meat was found at a foodservice establishment in Jalan Bani Bu Ali, Oman. The fake news reports were circulated on social media after netizens posted an image of food inspectors in Baushar examining a small sheep carcass that was mistakenly identified as a large feline.

MeatOmanThe photo originally appeared in a Muscat Municipality tweet, with a caption that read: "The Inspection and Food Control Department of Baushar carries out an inspection campaign on a number of meat and poultry shops in the province to ascertain whether health requirements have been enforced."

Muscat Municipality officials have confirmed unequivocally that the photo depicts sheep meat, and that there is absolutely no truth to the cat meat rumors spread online.

This incident followed a false social media report in Oman regarding dog meat last month. According to a dispatch on April 27: “The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources (MRMWR) has clarified on its Twitter account that the pictures of three men doing the rounds along with a report on a food poisoning case in Ibra is fake.”

The statement on social media erroneously claimed that the three workers were arrested for food poisoning after a family ate dog meat at a restaurant in North Sharqiyah.