BRF Celebrates New Year in Hungary With Sadia Promotion

Itajai, Brazil-headquartered BRF has geared up a major marketing push to boost sales of Sadia brand frozen chicken-based ready meals, dishes, snacks and appetizers at supermarkets and other food retail stores in Hungary. The campaign includes television advertising.

sadia hungary 300The company has been promoting value-added poultry products in Hungary since 2015, when it launched a portfolio of Sadia products ranging from Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Cordon Bleu to Chicken Steak, Crispy Chicken Liver and Chicken Konus with Cheese. All of the offerings, with the exception of Crispy Chicken Liver, are made with 100% chicken breast fillet, free from phosphate, glutamate, preservatives and artificial colorants.

15 PQ1165 995979 CKN BREAST BAG VP 600g 12kg 3D 150512“Sadia and BRF are now proving in Hungary that chicken products can be delicious, of the highest quality and, at the same time, a healthier dietary choice,” said György Spiegel, the company’s regional trade and marketing manager.

Consumers can expect to see more new products debuting in 2017, some of which will be based on traditional Hungarian cuisine. Furthermore, the R&D department may also draw upon regional recipe favorites in neighboring countries to expand its range.

3 Sadia Premium Mini Csirkemell 500g JO“We see great opportunities in the key countries of central Eastern Europe, and the marketing campaign we have just implemented in Hungary is a very strong step towards enhancing our presence in the region,” said Budapest-based Marcos Delorenzo, who heads up BRF’s commercial operations in the area.

Ranked as one of the largest food companies in the world, BRF is a leading producer of frozen and refrigerated protein products. Conducting business in 120 countries across five continents, it operates in Europe from a main office in Vienna.