Birds Eye Campaign Focuses on Winner Winner Chicken

Birds Eye in the United Kingdom is betting that an £8 million “Winner Winner Chicken Dippers for Dinner” campaign will score big for the Feltham, England-based Nomad Foods brand. Launched on March 26, the multi-channel television, online and social media blitz promotes the company’s extensive value-added frozen poultry product range with great fanfare.

birdseye girlVibrant TV advertisements, created by Grey London, transform what could have been an otherwise mundane family mealtime occasion into a party with “100% chicken breast” flavor to savor sparked by the pulsating music of a marching band and the gymnastic moves of a team of enthusiastic cheerleaders with pom-poms.

“The new campaign is another exciting step forward for both the brand and category, aiming to reinforce Birds Eye as a trusted, credible brand providing quality, flavorsome food,” said Andrew Elder, the company’s chicken segment marketing manager.

chicken dippersThe investment is reportedly the largest Birds Eye has made to promote frozen chicken in the past decade. It draws attention to the entire line of value-added poultry products, which include Chargrills and Nuggets. It comes on the heels of rising sales in the chicken range, which according to Nielsen statistics, has logged a 7.6% year-on-year increase in value.

Meanwhile, Birds Eye has recently introduced three new poultry products: Katsu Curry Saucy Chicken, Mexican Nacho Crumb Chicken in Breadcrumb, and Soy, Ginger and Garlic Chicken Chargrills.

“Poultry is one of the fastest-growing categories within frozen, with consumers increasingly turning to the protein because of the convenience and versatility these products offer,” said Elder.