Cambay Tiger Launches Fish Diet Fitness Packs in India

West Coast Frozen Foods has introduced Fitness Packs featuring salmon, red snapper, tuna, tilapia and surmai (king mackerel) under its Cambay Tiger brand name. The Mumbai, India-headquartered company is distributing the 200-gram packages on a subscription basis to consumers seeking various health and fitness goals including weight loss, cholesterol management and muscle building.

Fish is rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids and minerals. As per instructions on the package, consumers are advised to eat optimum amounts of particular fish species for a fixed period of time to meet specific fitness requirements. As such, the subscriptions are offered on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, as well as for a trial period.

"Modern scientific research has proved that fish such as salmon, seer, tilapia and seabass are good for the heart,” said Raheela Hasan, Cambay Tiger’s health and nutrition specialist. “Salmon is good for eyes; red snapper is good for skin; tilapia is good for the heart, muscles, brains and bones. Tuna is good for weight loss and enhancing one’s immune system.”

The nutritionist-certified diet plan features ready-to-cook boneless fish chunks accented with a choice of chili basil or lemon pepper. Cooking time is just five minutes.

Customers may sign up for subscriptions to the Fitness Packs at Cambay Tiger Seafood Mart in Bandra and Lokhandwala in Mumbai, and via the e-commerce site. Plans are to expand distribution soon to other major cities in India including Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru and Chennai.

Cambay Tiger Fitness Packs Image"Seafood is extremely healthy. This is now common knowledge and concisely proved over years of research. We at Cambay Tiger have taken this research to the next level by figuring out which fish is good for what. So by narrowing down on a customer's fitness goals, we are now able to supply hassle-free, easy-to-cook fish options that will help customers to automatically reach their goals," said Shivam Gupta, director of the company.

Cambay Tiger, the flagship brand the West Coast Group, is sold in over 1,000 stores in more than 50 cities on the subcontinent, including leading retail outlets such as Big Bazaar, Godrej Nature's Basket, More and Hypercity.

The West Coast Group’s business operations run the gamut from shrimp hatcheries, shrimp farms and fish farms to seafood processing and freezing plants. It exports farm-raised seafood to over 30 world markets including the USA, Canada, Europe, South Africa and Asian countries.

The company is also active in domestic trading and distribution of shrimp feed and other aquaculture inputs required for farm cultivation of seafood. It ranks as one of India's leading domestic suppliers of frozen food to retail outlets, hotels, restaurants and caterers, and is increasingly engaged in e- commerce sales and distribution.