Baader is Main Supplier for Cermaq’s New Salmon Plant

Oslo-headquartered Cermaq, the second largest producer of farm-raised salmon in the world, is building a state-of-the-art processing complex at Storskjæret in Steigen, Norway, that will occupy 8,000 square meters. Lübeck, Germany-based Baader has been chosen as the main equipment supplier and contractor for the plant, which is scheduled to be up and running by the second quarter of 2018.

Knut Ellekjaer and Robert FockeKnut Ellekjær (far left), chief executive officer of Cermaq Norway, and Robert Focke (far right), managing director of Baader, together with the project team are all smiles after successfully signing a contract to build and outfit the new salmon processing plant."Together with Baader, we came up with a comprehensive solution for the slaughterhouse that meets today's needs. It will provide us with a good platform for future development,” said Atle Kvist, project manager at Cermaq Norway. “In addition, it is an advantage to have one main contractor."

"One should always be careful when using big words, but in this case we can truly say without doubt that this factory will be the world's best and most effective salmon processing plant," stated Vidar Breiteig, managing director of Baader Norway.

The new facility will be loaded with engineered innovations, all of them designed, manufactured and installed by Baader. Such projects are commonly described as “wall-to-wall” solutions, including all processing lines, filleting, controlling and packing ready for transport.

As main contractor, Baader also carries full responsibility for all subcontractors.

Baader eqiupCermaq’s new salmon processing facility will feature state-of-the-art Baader equipment."We are responsible for the entire flow – from live fish entering the plant up to packing with our new high-speed packing grader,” said Breiteig. “All this happens in a factory with high-tech automation controlled by Baader’s B'Logic processing software which integrates CodeIT's unique labeling software system. This provides Cermaq with one single software platform for the entire factory.”

Cermaq will be the first company equipped according to the Industry 4.0 manufacturing facility standard," pointed out Managing Director Robert Focke, who is responsible for Baader’s worldwide fish processing business.

Unique System

The flow is controlled all the way from the holding pens via "stun and bleed," further to the machines where the salmon is gutted, weighed and photographed for inside quality grading. All registered information then follows each individual fish, which provides full traceability until it reaches the customer.

Baader's new Speed Feeder ensures efficient distribution to each of the new BA144 gutting machines and up to the packing grader with a capacity of 160 fish per minute.

About Cermaq

cermaq logoFounded in 1995, Cermaq has been wholly owned by Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan since 2014. In addition to producing salmon and trout in Norway, the company has salmon aquaculture interests in Chile and Canada, with total sales amounting to 189,000 tons generating $800 million in revenues during 2015. It employs approximately 2,700 people system-wide.