E. Frank Hopkins Seafood Company Joins NFI Crab Council

The McLean, Virginia, USA-headquartered National Fisheries Institute’s (NFI) Crab Council has added E. Frank Hopkins Seafood Co. as its newest member. The South Philadelphia wholesale distributor sources seafood from major domestic and international commercial suppliers.

Hopkins Seafood logoFounded in 1890, Hopkins Seafood is one of the oldest seafood vendors in North America. With roots were formed in the stalls of the Dock Street Fish Market that thrived in Philadelphia more than a century ago, today its extensive offerings of frozen, fresh, smoked and pasteurized products are distributed to high-end restaurants and retail chains throughout the city and the greater mid-Atlantic region.

“Hopkins Seafood means quality among top chefs,” said Albert Pappas, the company’s senior executive. “Because sustainability is just as important as quality, we have joined the Crab Council to continue providing a premium, responsibly managed product to our customers.”

The Crab Council has now expanded its roster to 31 companies engaged in promoting a pre-competitive, industry-led model for sustainability. Funding for fishery improvement projects in Southeast Asia comes from an assessment placed on the pounds of blue swimming crab imported by its members.

“E. Frank Hopkins Seafood is the third company to join the Crab Council in the past month," said Brendan Sweeny, chairman of the industry coalition. "Our member growth and retention reinforces the value companies place on the mission and is a testament to how well known the work behind the Crab Council logo has become.”

The NFI Crab Council was founded in 2009 and finances blue swimming crab sustainability projects through contributions from participating companies and grants from the World Bank, the Walton Family Foundation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.