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New Sorbet Flavor Expands Extrȇme Line; Froneri Upgrades Serbia Plant

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Froneri’s Extrȇme ice cream unit has launched the Exotic Mango & Passionfruit Sorbet Cone in four-packs selling for £3 in supermarkets and retail stores across Britain. The sweet treat features layers of fruity mango and passionfruit sorbets topped with mango and passionfruit sauce, which runs through the crunchy cone for an extra burst of flavor.

The Froneri marketing team is striving to drive incremental growth in the cones sector by broadening cones usage into adult treat occasions with fruity indulgences. The aim is to elevate the consumer experience and add value to the sector.

Extrȇme, which has its origins in France, is regarded as one of the biggest ice cream brands in the world, and the United Kingdom market is a particular focus for 2021. In supporting the launch, Frioneri is investing almost £3 million in a nationwide digital marketing campaign that includes TV, video on demand, YouTube, social media display advertising and influencer engagement.

As part of its sustainability drive, Extrȇme has removed all plastic lids from packaging, is using only recyclable paper cartons, and is working towards recyclable sleeves. Furthermore, the brand has partnered with marine conservation charity Sea-Changer to support its Tackling Ocean Plastics Fund. The program aids groups and organizations around the UK that seek to run marine conservation projects aimed at addressing the issue of plastics.

“With an impressive digital marketing campaign in the pipeline for this summer, there is confidence,”that we will not only drive brand and product awareness but also purchase consideration with our target audience whilst strengthening our position in the United Kingdom,” said Brunhilde van Antwerp, Froneri’s head of marketing in the UK. “There is a growing trend for unexpected and exciting next level experiences in adult snacking that delivers on indulgence. This new cone offers the refreshment of a sorbet with a huge burst of flavor.”

Created in 2016 as a joint venture between PAI Partners and Nestlé, Leeming Bar, North Yorkshire, England-headquartered Froneri is the second largest manufacturer of ice cream in Europe, the third biggest globally, and the number one private label producer worldwide. Present in over 20 countries and employing more than 10,000 people, the company reported sales of €4,051.6 million last year – up from €2,706.2 million in 2019.

Major Investment in Serbia

Froneri continues to enhance production capacity, with €50 million invested during the past three years to modernize its factory in Stara Pazova, Serbia (the former Delta/Nestle plant). The facility’s area was almost doubled to 24,000-square-meters, enabling a 60% increase in output. More than 200 different kinds of products are exported to approximately 25 countries from the factory, generating sales of €38 million in 2020. Among the brands produced are Milka, Oreo, Nesquik, Cadbury, Daim, Best, Nirvana, Topgun, Pirulo, Hit, Aloma and Familia.

Most of the factory’s 182 full-time employees and more than 450 seasonal workers are local people.

“We are glad to support Serbian economy both with investments and the fact that we purchase most of the raw materials we use in our products from farmers, local companies and producers. It is our pleasure to contribute to the development of Stara Pazova,” said Froneri Adriatic General Manager Cristian Doxan.