Jenny Craig Integrates DNA Testing into Nutrition Plans

Jenny Craig, Inc., a Carlsbad, California-headquartered weight management and counseling company that distributes frozen meals and other food products to clients in North America, Australia and New Zealand, has announced that DNA testing of specific nutrition and health genetic markers is being incorporated into its comprehensive weight loss program in the United States. This innovative new gene-based offering is already entering the second phase of testing with plans to expand nationwide.

Through genetic testing, Jenny Craig will, among other things, look to optimize members' weight loss results by matching their genes to the best nutritional program for them.

The DNA test, which will be an optional offering for Jenny Craig members, is simple and consists of a relatively non-invasive cheek swab to identify one’s genetic makeup. Based on the results, a customized nutrition plan is recommended, and highly trained personal consultants then share and discuss the results with each member in a one-on-one setting.

JC cheesy pot and chickThis Cheesy Potatoes & Chicken offering is one of many frozen products on the Jenny Craig menu. The recipe features mashed potatoes and breaded chicken tenders, topped with cheese and garnished with peas and corn.

"Our science-driven approach aims to provide better weight loss solutions that simplify healthy eating and gives our members the tools for overall better health," said Jenny Craig CEO and President Monty Sharma. "By incorporating DNA testing into our program, members are offered an even more personalized plan designed to help optimize weight loss that works naturally with the body. We are excited about the test results to date and look forward to rolling out this new testing to other parts of the country."

This innovation, which has been in development for the past year and is currently being tested at select Jenny Craig centers, follows the recent introduction of the brand's innovative Rapid Results program. It is a cutting-edge science-based approach that utilizes the body clock's natural circadian rhythm to help optimize weight loss.

The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to scientists for their research on circadian rhythm. The Rapid Results program was designed with this Nobel Prize-winning science in mind, taking advantage of one’s natural metabolism and ability to burn calories when it's most effective.

"Science demonstrates that utilizing the body's natural circadian rhythm allows people to take full advantage of a powerful internal biological tool to optimize weight management and wellbeing," said Dr. Pamela Peeke, chairwoman of Jenny Craig’s Science Advisory Board. "Now, by also incorporating genetic testing, members can reap the health rewards of not just one, but two innovative applications of exciting new science to everyday living. The Rapid Results program and genetic testing are examples of Jenny Craig's mission to deliver credible, science-based plans and keep its members on the cutting-edge of new nutrition and health science."