SeaPak Launches Innovative Shrimp Cocktail Snack in USA

St. Simons Island, Georgia-based SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood Co. has introduced thaw and eat On-the-Go Shrimp & Cocktail Sauce in five-ounce tray packs. Priced at $3.49, the portable snack can be thawed overnight in a refrigerator, or defrosted more quickly at room temperature.

Pack Shot On the Go shrimp cocktail sauce SIDERequiring virtually no preparation work, the fully cooked dippable shrimp cocktail is SeaPak’s response to growing consumer snacking demand, making it the first and only frozen seafood snack of its kind available on the North American market today. Beginning this month it will be stocked nationwide at select retail stores including Kroger, Walmart and Target.

“No matter how you slice it, sales and trend data show that Americans love snacking,” said Leslie Harris Thomas, marketing manager at SeaPak. “After conducting our own research, we found that seafood snackers, specifically, tend to skew younger, are health-conscious, have a higher than average household income and are likely tasked with feeding a larger family.”

She added: “So, whether you’re a busy mom or dad waiting in the school’s carpool line or at the office looking for a grab-and-go option before your next meeting, On-the-Go Shrimp Cocktail is your fast track to delicious, hassle-free seafood snacking.”

Chillax SeaPak shrimp on the go“Chillax, you’ve got this, with SeaPak,” is the theme of one of three 15-second TV and social media advertising spots promoting the new “go-to snack for those days that never stop.”Earlier this year, SeaPak conducted an eight-week marketing blitz in Atlanta and Denver locations, rolling out the snack to Denver-area King Sooper stores and Kroger supermarkets in and around Atlanta. As predicted, it was positively received, generating a lot of interest, trial and repeat purchases.

“The success in Colorado and Georgia proved to our team that this product is well ahead of the curve in the frozen food space,” stated Harris. “The initial performance overall, coupled with the high consumer demand for ultra-convenient, easy-to-make options, drive home the fact that this product is aligned with current shoppers’ needs and desires.”

About SeaPak

In business since 1948, SeaPak produces America’s top-selling retail frozen shrimp brand within the specialty seafood category. It is a unit of Buffalo, New York-headquartered Rich Products Corporation’s Consumer Brands Division, which includes Farm Rich frozen snacks and appetizers, Coffee Rich non-dairy creamer, Byron’s BBQ, Casa Di Bertacchi Italian meatballs and Carvel Ice Cream Cakes. Rich's annual sales now exceed $3.7 billion, and the privately held, family-owned company employs more than 10,000 people selling over 4,000 product SKUs in over 100 countries around the world. The company ranks as the 20th largest branded supplier in frozen food in the United States.